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Achieving Meaningful Use with e-Prescribing

A recent study revealed that more than 131 million people, or 66 percent of the adult U.S. population, use prescription drugs. The number of people using at least one prescription drug in the past 30 days is 48.6 percent, while those using three or more prescription drugs are 24 percent. The rise in patients who depend on prescription drugs has […]

How Electronic Prescriptions Prevent Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping is a practice of visiting multiple doctors/physicians to obtain medication for the same prescription. In 2008 alone, one out of every 143 patients in the US received multiple opioid prescriptions by deceiving physicians into believing that he was getting the drug for legitimate needs, not disclosing the fact that they are also filling […]

Prior Authorization Best Practices

Prior authorization is also referred to as prior approval, precertification, or preauthorization. This is a health plan cost-control process that necessitates certain medications, procedures, and tests prescribed by healthcare physicians to be evaluated before authorization. This plan is utilized by health insurance agencies to ensure patients receive only necessary medical care.  Today, health insurers use it to […]

Electronic Prescribing Regulations and the Burdens Relieved by Certified Software

There were over 70,000 deaths caused by drug overdose in 2017— this is according to the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Among that number, two-thirds comprised prescription and illicit opioids. The lack of accountability or audit trail and sometimes simple errors can play a role in these fatalities.   The ongoing opioid epidemic and other patient safety and accessibility concerns have led to […]

What is Healthcare Interoperability and Why Does it Matter?

With most health records stored and managed electronically these days, healthcare providers often face the problem of sharing them between different systems, a concept known as interoperability. If it’s impossible to transfer data smoothly, the benefits of keeping patient records electronically are minimized.  The modern health information systems, however, must be designed to interact with […]

Empower Your Patients with Electronic Prescriptions

Safe Prescribing

A lot of factors contribute to the success of a prescribed medication. Is it the best drug for the job? Is this formulary covered by insurance? Which has the least likelihood of side effects. And though doctors spend many years studying the pharmacology that they prescribe, the success of treatment for outpatient care ultimately depends on the person […]

Caring for Senior Patients with Electronic Prescriptions

For those of us providing medical care for senior patients, our mission is very dear to our hearts. This population is vulnerable not only to the ailments of their conditions which may be exacerbated by age, but may lead a lifestyle which, without consideration, could detract from treatment.   Thankfully, technology has extreme potential to improve how health facilities […]

ePrescribe Implementation Checklist: How to Get Started with ePrescribe Software

So, you’re working with a new electronic prescription software vendor. Congratulations on taking that step for your organization. If you’re new to electronic prescriptions or this is the first eRx integration your EHR has partnered with, onboarding your new technology doesn’t have to be a daunting task with this helpful guide. Even if you’re old […]

E-Prescribe for Dermatologists. Finding the Solution Right for You.

As practice management technology advances with leaps and bounds, practitioners of all disciplines are adjusting. The transition to electronic prescriptions is just one example of this shift. As a dermatologist or an EHR serving dermatology practitioners, there are a few key functionalities you should look for when evaluating your current or prospective e-prescribe vendors.   Decision Making Guidance There’s a lot to keep in mind when making a […]

Which States Require EPCS?

Every year, prescription errors, drug reactions, and dosage miscalculations send 1.3 million Americans to the emergency room. In an effort to curb these dangerous prescription mistakes, the DEA released Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) proposal. Today, EPCS is part of the SUPPORT Act — a 2018 law targeting opioid abuse — which is set […]