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The COVID 19 Effect on Interoperability and the Healthcare Infrastructure

Healthcare infrastructure and interoperability for health IT

For a long time, we’ve understood that digital healthcare infrastructure has the power to reshape health systems by enhancing efficiencies, lowering costs, and expanding access to care. Digital health enables patients and health professionals to receive and provide health care services from the comfort of their own homes. It also decreases the number of forms that need […]

7 e-Prescribe Clinical Support Tools that Add Value to EHRs

Digital technology is radically transforming the healthcare sector, especially because it’s a data-rich industry. Care provision is also highly dependent on how seamlessly patient information flows between healthcare providers, which is why EHRs have become an essential tool in clinical decision support and patient care. They ensure patient data is available wherever and whenever it’s needed.   This […]

What is Healthcare Interoperability and Why Does it Matter?

With most health records stored and managed electronically these days, healthcare providers often face the problem of sharing them between different systems, a concept known as interoperability. If it’s impossible to transfer data smoothly, the benefits of keeping patient records electronically are minimized.  The modern health information systems, however, must be designed to interact with […]