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Prior Authorization Best Practices

Prior authorization is also referred to as prior approval, precertification, or preauthorization. This is a health plan cost-control process that necessitates certain medications, procedures, and tests prescribed by healthcare physicians to be evaluated before authorization. This plan is utilized by health insurance agencies to ensure patients receive only necessary medical care.  Today, health insurers use it to […]

Prevent Claim Denials with e-Prescribe Software

As a health or wellness organization, you know all too well the problems involved with medical claim denials. Denied prescription claims can cause major confusion, and trying to rectify the situation for patients can be utter chaos and prolong their treatment. Any medical practice or EHR still using outdated e-prescription software is not maximizing their […]

E-Prescribe for Dentists. Here’s What to Look For.

In 2019, all 80 percent of all prescriptions in the United States were e-prescriptions. This trend is a clear indication that the technology framework is gaining in acceptance and popularity. Electronic prescribing, also known as e-prescribing, has helped improve efficiency and accuracy in the healthcare industry. By allowing medical practitioners to write and send prescriptions […]

What is HITRUST Certification? Why Does it Matter to e-Prescribers?

Organizations in the healthcare industry realize that securing their data and complying with international standards is no longer just an option, it’s a requirement. With the increasing number of cyber-attacks, data breaches, and thefts of personal identity, certifications like HITRUST CSF are gaining popularity. HITRUST creates and maintains a common security framework (CSF) in the […]