Supporting Chronic Pain Patients with Electronic Prescriptions

More than 50 million American adults suffer from chronic pain. It’s one of the main reasons why they seek medical care. For patients struggling with pain management, however, filling prescriptions, doctors visits, and debates with insurance companies can be a major hindrance. Further, at times, treating these patients with regulated, addictive medications may be the best […]

How Electronic Prescriptions Prevent Doctor Shopping

Doctor shopping is a practice of visiting multiple doctors/physicians to obtain medication for the same prescription. In 2008 alone, one out of every 143 patients in the US received multiple opioid prescriptions by deceiving physicians into believing that he was getting the drug for legitimate needs, not disclosing the fact that they are also filling […]

Empower Your Patients with Electronic Prescriptions

A lot of factors contribute to the success of a prescribed medication. Is it the best drug for the job? Is this formulary covered by insurance? Which has the least likelihood of side effects. And though doctors spend many years studying the pharmacology that they prescribe, the success of treatment for outpatient care ultimately depends on the person […]

Caring for Senior Patients with Electronic Prescriptions

For those of us providing medical care for senior patients, our mission is very dear to our hearts. This population is vulnerable not only to the ailments of their conditions which may be exacerbated by age, but may lead a lifestyle which, without consideration, could detract from treatment.   Thankfully, technology has extreme potential to improve how health facilities […]

How Do Electronic Prescriptions Work?

Electronic prescriptions simplify the prescribing process. Plus, this kind of technology not only reduces prescribing errors, it keeps doctors and patients safe – especially in the era of COVID-19. It also keeps practitioners and EHR vendors compliant when prescribing controlled substances, and it maintains revenue flow by preventing denied prescription claims. And these are just […]

Standalone Solutions: e-Prescribe without an EHR

E-prescribe software is an electronic health system designed to improve the safety and quality of prescriptions given to patients. It allows health care providers to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically instead of using paper. Research indicates that e-prescriptions minimize prescription errors, improve system efficiency, and reduce the overall costs of healthcare. Many practitioners have access […]

Why e-Prescribe is Essential in the Era of COVID-19

In the past decade, e-prescribe has gained momentum all over the United States. Once COVID-19 hit the country, many practices had to further adjust their work to comply with CDC safety recommendations and related guidelines. The majority of which recommend limiting contact with patients as much as possible, creating a strong connection between electronic solutions […]

Combat Medication Nonadherence with e-Prescribing Software

E-prescribing provides tremendous benefits for healthcare providers and patients, who can now enjoy instant, accurate, and trackable prescriptions. But no matter how doctors are writing and sending their scripts, medication doesn’t work if the patient doesn’t adhere to their prescription. Thankfully, e-prescribing also helps healthcare providers fight the challenge of medication nonadherence. Let’s see how […]

CoverMyMeds, NewCrop Partner To Offer First Prior Authorization Solution for Electronic Health Records

COLUMBUS, Ohio –CoverMyMeds (CMM) a healthcare technology leader, and NewCrop, the leading provider of electronic prescribing services, have partnered to offer the first compelling prior authorization (PA) solution to Electronic Health Records (EHRs). NewCrop’s more than 175+ EHR vendor platforms are now enabled with a fully automated PA process, which implements the NCPDP Standard transaction, allowing providers […]

NewCrop Adopts Point-of-Care Partners ePrescribing Regulatory Tracker

Coral Springs, Florida – (February 10, 2014) – NewCrop, the leading provider of healthcare electronic prescribing services, has selected Point-of-Care Partners’ ePrescribing State Law Review to help the company stay abreast of the ever-changing ePrescribing regulatory landscape. Point-of-Care Partners, a national health information technology (HIT) strategy and management consulting firm, has published the State Law Review since 2006 […]